The Malmesbury South team:
Goalkeeper: ​Harry
Defenders: ​Joe, Ryan, Peter, Jack
Midfield: ​Ben, Josh, George, Ryan
Attack: ​Charlie, Jasper
Substitutes: ​Dan

Squad update: The team welcomes Dan’s return to the squad after 6 games out due to injury, great to have you back Dan. Angus is unavailable due to injury and will be out for a number of weeks.
Coaches: ​Jay Martin and Andy Waller
Linesman: ​Steve Chivers and Kerry Rogers
After last week’s heavy defeat Malmesbury need to bounce back. This week they are playing in the cup away at the first division side Warminster.
Warminster kick off, and are in attacking mood and early attack leads to shot but wide. Warminster attack again this time the left, the attacker chips the ball and scores.
GOAL ​0 – 1
Charlie is withdrawn and Dan is on, the Malmesbury crowd welcome him back to the side after his long lay-off.
Malmesbury attack and Ben wins a corner, but Malmesbury don’t profit from this. Warminster return to the attack and get a shot away with Harry stranded, they hit the post and Malmesbury clear the danger. The Malmesbury fans let out a sigh of relief.
Malmesbury break out with neat passing from Joe to Jasper, Jasper to Ryan who chips goal wards but too high – great move!!
Both teams continue to battle it out in the midfield with Peter, Josh and Dan in the thick off it. Dan is relishing his return with some very timely tackles and a great block. Warminster break out but great running by Jack gets him level with the attacker, and Ryan arrives to clear the danger. Warminster continue to attack and shoot, Harry saves and collects the ball.
After a brief respite Warminster attack again leaving two strikers in on Harry, they shoot but hit the post and Dan clears the danger. The Malmesbury fans are nervous now!
At last, Malmesbury’s turn to attack, Ben charging down the right wing and pings a ball into the middle, Max collects shoots and scores.
GOAL 1 – 1
Malmesbury attack gain with Jasper in on goal, shoots but wide – ooh that was close. Malmesbury attack again but Jasper is given offside.
Warminster attack with a through ball, Harry is out quickly, but the striker stills get a shot away and Harry stops with his legs. Warminster continue in attacking mood, but this time their attack is stopped by a great tackle by Ben. Warminster in on goal but Harry comes out to check the danger and Pete shepherds it out in to touch.
Pete takes a rest from his defensive duties and surges forward beating several players but is eventually dispossessed. Ryan picks up the ball, shoots but the keeper parries the ball away.
The second half start with Dan off and Charlie back on.
Jack surges down the left to the by line crosses and Jasper shoots and scores.
GOAL ​1 – 2
Malmesbury have got the bit between their teeth now, Malmesbury attack again with Ryan hitting a ball through the middle to put Jasper in a foot race with the keeper, Jasper just gets there and slips the ball past the keeper, George shepherds the ball over line (without touching it) so the defender can’t clear it.
GOAL ​1 – 3
Malmesbury continue to attack, Charlie hits a ball through the middle, Jasper collects, shoots but wide.
Warminster are still in the game with a quick break, Harry comes out and clips the attacker and a penalty is given. Warminster score the penalty.
GOAL ​2 – 3
Malmesbury return to the attack, George shoots but keeper saves and concedes a corner. Max takes the corner with a lovely ball to Jasper who heads the ball but hits the bar and Warminster clear the danger. Malmesbury continue in attacking mood, with a lovely ball through the middle from Joe to Ben who shoots and score.
GOAL ​2 – 4
The game swings again as Malmesbury concede a free kick in a dangerous position, and Warminster lob the ball in and hit the post but score on the rebound.
GOAL ​3 – 4
The Malmesbury fans are nervous now, but Malmesbury go on the attack a sweet pass from Jasper puts George in on goal, who shoots and scores.
GOAL ​3 – 5
The Malmesbury fans can’t relax yet, as Warminster return to the attack, their attacker beats several defenders and shoots, Harry parries but Warminster score on the rebound.
GOAL ​4 – 5
The Malmesbury fans are nervous, very nervous!!
Malmesbury concede a free kick, Warminster shoot but Harry collects. Malmesbury attack again with Max in on goal but shoots wide.
Jasper is withdrawn due to injury and Dan returns to the fray.
Malmesbury are under the cosh, conceding several corners and a free kick and Harry makes a great save. From the resultant corner Warminster head over the bar.
The referee blows the final whistle and brings to and end a storming game.
Well done to both sides who played with skill and passion, a great cup game. It was good to see Dan back in a Malmesbury shirt.

Next game 7th December 2014 back in the league, Malmesbury South V Trowbridge Town Wasps.

Match Report by: Chris Cain