The results are in for the first round of the CYL cup matches. The Vipers came top of their group and go on to play in the Carol Jenner cup. The 2nd round starts this Saturday 23rd March against Cirencester at home 11.30 kick off, with the second game against Avonvale in early April.

The Cobras who had a really tough group did really well and though they came bottom of their group they have really grown as a team and I’m sure they will give their opponents in the memorial Shield a tough time. Their first match is on the Weekend of the 6th/7th April followed by Wotton rovers on the 13th April.

Good luck to both teams.

Last summer the boys, their parents and their family and friends all started looking through their CD’s DVD’s and Games and gave up any that they didn’t need anymore. They collected 350 altogether. We sent this in to MusicMagpie who in return sent us 10 away kits.

Thanks to all those who collected and a special thanks to Dan Watling’s friends who really bumped up the total.

Tony Corbett