One word FREEZING!

An away league game against Wotton rovers Tigers, on a pitch located deep inside what felt like a freezer! Both teams had just enough players to put on two games, which we were very happy to see.

The first game wasn’t the walkover the scoreline suggests, with Wotton making the MYFC defence work hard for a good amount of the game. With a very competitive first half, it proved the MYFC players were willing to battle for every ball and try to control it.

A quiet game for the MYFC goalkeeper left him feeling like an ice cube! this was down to determined, tough tackling from the MYFC defence, which was great to watch. A tireless performance from the MYFC midfield/strikers turned the second half into our game, running and challenging for every ball.

Overall, good goalkeeper kicks, defending, passing and running produced a number of goals, a little more support going forward may of resulted in a few more goals. A good performance and a good result.

The second game was a great sideline experience. All players vocally supporting and encouraging each other, a proud point as coaches.

Proving a cold day for the MYFC goalkeeper, but stayed strong throughout. Very strong, dedicated tackling won MYFC the ball back on many occasions.

We lost count of the amount of shots from the MYFC team! luck clearly was not going to be on our side in this game. All players creating a huge amount of chances, but the goalposts proved just a few inches too close together!

The highlight of the game was an individual MYFC performance, which was amazing to watch and enjoy.
One thing we will be working on after this game is individual effort, regardless of chosen positions. Team before player, always.

The final scoreline really does not show how many chances MYFC created.

Well done to all.