Finally, our very last league game for the 2010/11 season. An away game versus Slimbridge.

The decision was made to use this game as a guide to what areas and what players we needed work with, ready for next season. Soon we will be heading for 9v9 then 11v11, so a full strong team will be needed.
The first half was a great first half for both teams. some great football played by all.
MYFC were trying very hard to play the passing game, and it looked really good at times.
As always the MYFC goalkeeper was on top form, it proved to be a very busy game for him; save after save.
Along side the goalkeeping was an excellent defending performance from MYFC, this kept Slimbridge from scoring within this half.
The MYFC midfield/strikers gave a great first half performance, looking to pass the ball every time. they managed to work the ball up the pitch in good fashion, but lacked the final quick finish.

The second half proved a far tougher one for MYFC. The first half had taken most of the energy levels within the team. This created a high amount of pressure on the fresh second half sub players.
Unfortunately this led to MYFC losing shape and position, leading to shooting practice for Slimbridge.
Slimbridge were given enough time on the ball to create any chances they wanted.

Some good second half MYFC performances, looking to play the passing game. But with higher energy levels and concentration it was a second half for Slimbridge.
MYFC worked hard to keep the score low, which they did. 2-0.

This game gave us coaches, players and parents a chance to see improvements needed.

Well done everyone. A game played in good spirit and fairly. The right way to finish the league.