Today’s league game now known as ‘The Gale Force Game’ was at home to Randwick, on a very, very windy day!

This game was filled with excellent individual performances from ALL MYFC players. Along side this, was a brilliant team performance from MYFC. A very evenly matched game provided a great game of football to watch. Played in great spirit, with both sets of players looking like they enjoyed being part of it.

Both teams adapted perfectly to the weather conditions, keeping the ball on the ground 99% of the time. This created some great passing football, from end to end.

A big thank you to the ‘stand-in’ MYFC goalkeepers today. Two players that get us out of a hole when needed, without any issue. They did themselves proud today. Confident and making use of the whole goal area, at one point in the first half, even coming out of the goal area to get involved.

The MYFC defence put on a great display, working hard and defending intelligently. It was amazing to watch all the MYFC defenders choosing to play the ball up the pitch, using very good, accurate passes. Very professional looking.

The MYFC Midfield/strikers had a wonderful game too. They made use of the whole width of the pitch, creating runs down the wings, leading to a good number of crosses.

MYFC went a goal behind in the first half, through a great Randwick shot, leaving the MYFC goalkeeper no chance. It was perfectly placed just under the crossbar.

The second half saw a slightly slower paced game, which I’m sure was down to running in the high winds during the first half, zapping their energy levels. The MYFC defence continued their individual and team performances in style, looking strong and organised.

More of the same from the MYFC midfield/strikers, saw some great passing. Showing that they are more than capable of playing the controlled passing game. The MYFC efforts created an equaliser, shortly into the second half. Because of the wind, this was any ones game. A well connected shot could have seen the ball hitting the back of the net at 100 miles an hour!

MYFC followed their equaliser with another well worked goal to take the score to 2-1. Unfortunately this was followed by another great Randwick strike, giving them an equaliser, 2-2.

A very even game, played extremely well by both teams, ended in a fair result.

Well done MYFC, One more game to go!