Our latest league game took us away to Randwick on a sunny day!

This report has been written as a coach, taking into account what we do at training and how we try to apply this on the pitch. Even before the game had started, most MYFC players thought they would be going home with an easy win! Despite being told, that at this stage the league positions mean nothing until the end of the season, as its all down to the performance on the day.

Using a line from this weeks Match of the Day program, MYFC were ‘back down to earth with a bump!’.

MYFC started the game nervously and were second to the ball every time which allowed Randwick to get into a comfortable attacking stride.
When MYFC did manage to keep hold of the ball, they chose not to play the easy, passing football we have worked hard at. They over played the ball instead of making an easy pass to a team mate in space. Thanks to the MYFC goalkeeper the half time score remained 0-0.

In the second half, Randwick continued in the same way. Beating MYFC to the ball every time and playing attacking football. This along with poor man marking from MYFC lead to 2 Randwick goals.

It does sound all doom and gloom, I know! But we do have some positives to report on. And the doom and gloom parts will be worked on ready for the next game.

MYFC were able to create a number of chances. but without the luck, all the chances just missed the target by inches or were bravely saved.
The final 10-15 minutes proved to be our strongest, creating a lot of goal scoring chances by finally using the width of the pitch. We spent this time deep in Randwick’s half, but it proved the game had been lost in the early stages.

On a very positive MYFC note. If it wasn’t for the MYFC goalkeeper, it would of been 5-0. Overall MYFC did work hard, but didn’t apply what they have worked hard at in the training sessions – easy football, letting the ball do the work and making the opponents life hard, by giving them no time to think.

This report follows nicely on from our last match report. It was said on the last one, if we didn’t work hard at being first to the ball, it would catch us out one day. Today was that day.

We, as coaches are full of confidence for the next game, where the team WILL be back to their normal selves. Working hard for ourselves, our team, our team mates and our supporters.

A difficult report to write, but it does have to reflect the game!

Heads up and bring on the next game!