A lovely sunny day for a game of football, with a league game away to Oaksey.

We were keen to carry on with another perfect team performance and get back to winning ways.
To achieve this, you need maximum effort, discipline and teamwork.

Unfortunately, it was very clear from the start all the above disciplines were missing from the MYFC team.
MYFC managed to create a section of the pitch in the centre, which was left open to Oaksey. This gave Oaksey the space to have a free run for the whole game.

A well organised Oaksey team took advantage of this, playing great football, which proved too much for the MYFC team.
Instead of stepping up a gear to challenge Oaksey, they fell into “give up mode” and became spectators.

A few MYFC positional changes at half time created a slightly stronger side, but still a far cry from their proven ability to play as a team.

We did score two great goals, calmly and beautifully taken, alongside this, a couple of good MYFC individual performances did help to keep the scoreline close.

However, the final score of our games is the last thing we worry about as coaches. The clear lack of effort, teamwork, and individual motivation was the downfall for MYFC in this game. We cannot rely on individual performances, we have to work as a team and as hard as each other.

Football is a very simple game. The more you put in, the more you get out. The less effort a player puts in, the more pressure they apply to their team mates.

Our next game is our Cup Semi Final. As coaches and as players, we all need to give 100% in all areas, to return to what we know we are capable of.

As coaches we will be working very hard to correct any issues within the MYFC team. But we need every players help to achieve this.

As a team, every player included, we have come a long way in a short space of time. We have great players who can compete against the best, and this has been proven in past games.

We are all very proud of the teams achievements to date, and look forward to moving in a posistive direction, game on game, year on year.