With a break in the bad weather!, a home league game versus Northleach. Firstly and most importantly, We would like to thank all the players from both MYFC and Northleach for giving us spectators the best, most exciting day of football to date! My heart is still pounding now! Both games were played in great spirit, fairly and respectfully. every player should be very proud of themselves.

The first game started at full pace, with all the players settling immediately. You could tell early on this was going to be a tight game! MYFC went a goal down early thanks to a long range Northleach strike that seemed to touch the clouds then somehow hit the crossbar and in, No chance for the MYFC goalkeeper! The first half continued at this scoreline. But with MYFC creating more chances, we knew we could make a comeback! If it wasn’t for the post on several occasion’s the half time score would of been in our favour.

A couple of positional changes during the half time break and second half, made us look the stronger team.
As always, The MYFC goalkeeper kept calm and confidant, producing some important saves to keep us in the game.
The MYFC defence made life very difficult for the Northleach strikers, making solid and important tackles where needed and most importantly keeping position and their player. A performance based on hard work from the MYFC midfield/Strikers payed off as we managed to work 2 goals by keeping the Northleach defence under pressure.
A very strong performance from all, working until the very end. Not taking anything away from Northleach who played equally well.

One thing to work on from this game, is being first to the ball. If we don’t, this will one day catch us out.

The second game was very much the same as the first. a fast paced game, from one end to the other. Both teams created a good number of chances, but didn’t have the luck with them. Confidant MYFC goalkeepers showed they could control their Defence verbally, creating strong teamwork. Very determined MYFC defending kept Northleach away from goal more often than not, Between them they never gave up on the ball until it was away or out of play.

The MYFC midfield/strikers worked hard and created chances, which rewarded them with 2 goals. These goals came from good passes up field and constant determination. Again taking nothing away from Northleach, as they made it a difficult game for MYFC. The main thing to take away from the second game, is they all played with smiles on their faces!

Two great games with the same scorelines. Well done everyone.

(thank you to Northleach for sweeping out the changing room for me, saving me time)