Our league game today, a top of the table clash away to Minchinhampton, and what a game!

First things first, all MYFC players turned up in the right frame of mind, smiles on their faces, ready to give their team everything they have. This certainly showed throughout the game.

With not one negative to report on, this is the type of match report we like to write each week!

Every single MYFC player played amazingly well, giving it their all, battling until the end. Giving us spectators a great morning of football in the sunshine.
A very high tension game, it felt more like an FA cup final! Thankfully, the MYFC goalkeeper never feels this pressure and performed calmly and confidently. Although his calmness makes a coaches heart stop every now and again, he pulled off some great, important saves, as always.

All MYFC defenders gave a brilliant performance. Tight man marking all game stopped the opposition strikers in their tracks all morning long. This inspired, defencive performance was both professional and calm. Without question, the best MYFC defencive performance this season.

Along with the MYFC defence, was a MYFC midfield/strike line that refused to give up. The MYFC midfield/strikers battled tirelessly, working hard, creating chances and using the wings beautifully. Because of the nature of the pitch, they needed full concentration and full effort, which they did without fail.
The whole MYFC team created a number of chances, but luck was not on their side.

MYFC went a goal behind during the second half, and it was a good goal. I can’t even say the goal came from an MYFC error, it was just a good goal!
We proved to be the stronger team during the second half, and just needed an opening to grab a goal back. Switching a couple of corner kick player positions created a goal area of MYFC players with more body surface area and height, hoping the ball would hit them and go in!!!!!! It came close to doing this a couple of times but unfortunately it just didn’t happen, although not for the lack of trying!

All in all, an amazing MYFC performance. Every player giving 110% all game long. Exactly what we needed.

Today’s group of players have set the standard very high for future games. We are confident that today’s players and future team players will bring along the same passion as we all saw today!

What us spectators saw today were a group of players that are growing into a strong team. Always showing respect to their opposition, team mates, referee, spectators and coaches. Because of our ever growing respect and discipline, despite the score, we proved ourselves to be a wonderful team to be part of.