A week later, same pitch, same weather and the same opposition. Our latest league game at home to Cirencester.

Every single one of the eleven players turned up in the right frame of mind, ready to give it their all and work hard as a team.
To avoid any of the subs losing concentration and to keep them focused on the game, they were given a task to do on paper, relating to the game. The game notes they handed back are that good, We may even frame it.

Both teams started the game strongly. End to end, passing, closing the ball down and making use of the whole pitch.
MYFC were playing some great football throughout the first half. Calm MYFC goalkeeping, with great kicks out from goal. The MYFC defence were solid throughout the half, all making great decisions, closing the ball down and making their presence felt.
The MYFC midfield/strikers were playing some good passing football, using the whole width of the pitch. This led to a number of good crosses and good chances. But as last week, good Cirencester goalkeeping and defending kept the ball out of the net.

Both teams played extremely well within the first half, witch left the half time equal at 0-0. The first half players set the bar very high for the oncoming subs.
The second half saw MYFC stepping up another gear, if that was possible, as we were in top gear all ready.
The second half also saw MYFC working hard for themselves and their team mates.
The MYFC teams discipline proved to benefit us, by keeping their minds on the game and focusing on the set task.

MYFC’s attacking football created a number of corners. One was delivered perfectly and was met by the perfect header, the correct part of the head and directed into the goal.
The MYFC team were enjoying the game 100%, but after the goal their confidence and enjoyment really took hold and they spent the rest of the half working in the Cirencester half.

The MYFC passing football paid off with another perfect goal. This goal was calmly and Cooley finished, created by passing football and finding space – brilliant!

One player did admit on the way home ‘It could have been 3-0 but I made the wrong choice’. Using this and our performance today, shows how far we have come as a team. Working hard and learning by our errors.

This match report isn’t as dramatic as the semi final, but I hope it reflects the credit deserved for today’s team performance.

The effort put in by the players effects everything. How easy we make the game for ourselves, the result and a personal one, writing the match report.

Well done to all the players involved today, they really deserve today’s result.

Thank you to Cirencester for three great games this season.