Who would have thought it after last season. First a cup semi final, now onto a cup final. A great achievement. Our very first cup semi-final was at home to Cirencester.

To avoid any negatives, I’m going to skip the first half and start at half time.

The half time whistle blows and the score is MYFC 0 – 2 Cirencester. A few of the MYFC players looked worried, as it dawned on them they may have left it a little too late to fire up their engines, as Cirencester were the clear favourite at half time. Cirencester were playing some good football and were showing they were the team who wanted to win more than the other.

A few encouraging words from coaches and players at half time, one of the MYFC players using Man Utd coming back to thump West ham 4-2 as inspiration. It was great to hear and as a West Ham fan, I’ll let it go this once.

Whatever was said at half time seemed to do the trick, as out stepped a brand new MYFC team.

The second half saw MYFC become the more determined team, constantly battling to get the ball towards Cirencester’s goal. Some great goalkeeping and a solid defence from Cirencester kept MYFC behind. As a team MYFC were now in full flow, playing passing attacking football.Our persistence finally paid off when a fine finish grabbed us a goal back, 1-2.

As the time ticked on, I for one thought it was maybe too little too late. For that I now apologise!

MYFC continued to grow in confidence and were now working hard and never giving up. Once again this lead to another fine MYFC finish, 2-2.

Onto extra time, 5 minutes each way. Both teams were strong during this period, creating end to end football. No clear cut chances seemed to materialise at any end.

At this point you could really feel every ones nerves, panic in my case. Most were watching the clock desperate for the full time whistle. When the full time whistle did blow, both sets of coaches started to sweat. Penalties!

The Saturday before, a small group of the MYFC team were practising penalties at the Red Bull. 20 out of 60 ended up somewhere near the goal, so the nerves really set in then!

Nobody wanted to take the first penalty, so one poor MYFC player was ordered over to take the first one.

All the penalties from both sets of players were good. But with the nature of penalties, some went in and some didn’t.

It felt like everyone enjoyed being part of the shoot out and handled it calmly and professionally. Not only did the MYFC goalkeeper save a couple, he scored one too.

This is a perfect time to give credit to the MYFC players, the ones taking part in the game and the ones who were not. They all stuck with the team, through a difficult season in 2009/10. They have all showed they are keen to learn and progress. Thanks to them, the parents, Cirencester’s team, coaches and their parents, the game that was delivered was a game worthy of being the Cup Final. We had it all, a clear winner at half time, a great comeback, extra time and penalties, leading to a MYFC win!

We did it the hard way, but we got there in the end.

Every one of our 19 players should be very proud of themselves and enjoy this moment, you deserve it.

A few tweaks and hard work in certain areas on the training pitch and we will be ready for the final.


Watch this space.