U9s win Carol Jenner Memorial Cup Final

The day we were all waiting for had arrived, the Carol Jenner Memorial Cup Final.

We found out on the Thursday before we were to play Slimbridge YFC. Slimbridge are a very strong, good footballing side, but we were looking forward to meeting them in the final. Our past games against them have proved to be great games, played in great spirit. The Cup Final game proved nothing short of this.

Slimbridge are a team that have mastered the art of beautifully timed slide tackles, so a good month of dry, hot weather was working in our favour for cup final day. With Friday’s temperature reaching 25 degrees plus, Saturday was sure to be the same. Hard ground = limited slide tackles.

We watched a heavy thunder and lightning storm on Friday night and woke to a river of very heavy rain on Cup Final morning! It didn’t look much better as we arrived at the pitch, but luckily come kick off, it was dry with a little sunshine in places.

Both teams were buzzing and really wanted the win. The MYFC team could not wait to get out on the pitch, but you could sense their nerves before kick off. The first 10 minutes of the game saw both teams looking nervous and they took a while to settle. The MYFC team started the game with their usual 10min warm up, resulting in us looking very average. If my hair were long enough to pull out, I would of been!

MYFC finally got into their rhythm, and by this point Slimbridge were looking very strong too.

Once again the MYFC goalkeeper showed us what a consistent talent he is. It is not through luck he is in the right place at the right time. Along with this, is the purely brilliant saves he pulls off, week in week out. Once again today, he rescued his team a number of times.

We saw a shaky start from the MYFC defence, which resulted in a Slimbridge goal, but the MYFC defence soon found their feet. In particular, one individual performance, like the MYFC goalkeeper, saved their team a few times. What we are enjoying seeing from the MYFC defenders, is more often than not, they will choose to play the ball out of defence, rather than booting it clear. It shows they are really trying to play passing football and keep possession. Once they looked comfortable, it was a great performance from all MYFC defenders.

The MYFC midfield/ strikers were playing some great, entertaining football. Flying runs down the wing, leading to crosses across the goal. Watching them using the width of the pitch was great. They were also stringing together some great passing moves, resulting in more efforts on goal. Some thunderous shots from outside the box from MYFC proved they were not giving up just yet. One of these efforts lead to a great strike, which ended up in the top corner of Slimbridge’s goal. This brought the score to 1-1. This goal obviously meant a lot to the scorer, as we thought he might need his shoulder popping back in after his goal celebration!

At this point both teams were looking strong and creating chances to steal the win. The things that stopped us from doing this, were what can only be described as amazingly brave defensive headers from the Slimbridge defence, and also some good saves from the Slimbridge goal keeper.
This continued through the extra time period too, leading to a penalty shoot out, again!

Again it was best of three, then onto sudden death. The best of three ended in 2-2. As with the semi final shoot out, some penalties go in and some don’t. And unfortunately with sudden death penalties, somebody has to take the one which decides the winner!
All the penalties taken were great penalties. The pressure was really on, but the final taker, an MYFC player, stayed calm and cool, putting into the net a great penalty.

The final score after penalties, MYFC 5-4 Slimbridge. The 2011 Carol Jenner Memorial Cup winners are Malmesbury Youth Under 9’s.

Taking nothing away from Slimbridge, it was a great game to watch, a credit to the league, the teams, the spectators and coaches. The game was played in great spirit and everyone involved should be very proud to have been a part of it.

Congratulations to every player we have signed on. You managed to get this far through your hard work and the effort you have put into learning the game.

Congratulations and well done to the CUP WINNERS, MYFC under 9’s. Enjoy this for as long as you want, you deserve it!



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