Castle Combe 6-a-side report. Our now annual visit to the well organised Castle Combe 6-a-side festival, was on a beautifully sunny & hot day. Tough for the players, great for the spectators.

We were without our usual super keeper for this festival, so several players filled the gap. Two clean sheets in the first two games, Just because these goalkeepers didn’t see or touch the ball, it still means they kept a clean sheet!
Our two other goalkeepers had a little more to do in the 3rd and 4th games. A couple of good saves from both, and for novice goalkeepers they gave very good performances. Hopefully this will have proved how much respect and support the goalkeeper needs from his team mates. As all players are told, if it reaches the goalkeeper, something has not worked further up the pitch. ITS A TEAM GAME.

The first two games saw a very calm, confident MYFC team. Taking time on the ball without panic, keeping the ball on the ground with great passing play.
It showed some players are becoming so calm and confident on the ball, they are producing skills that can easily take on players and create chances.
These two games were a delight to watch, as the whole team were concentrating on playing creative football. Our training sessions may be having an effect after all!

All MYFC player sat together to watch every game in our group, picking out the other teams strengths and weaknesses. We all knew the next two games were going to be a little tougher than the first. Its was just whether the MYFC team could forget about the first two games and treat the next ones as completely different.
The next two games were indeed tougher games, which saw the MYFC team just lacking the extra little bit of effort they needed, in comparison with the first two games. Despite this, the MYFC team still looked great and their creative, passing football was still on show. They did look the stronger team in both of these games, the only thing that separated the two teams, was finishing their chances in front of goal.

The group stages proved to be our limit. But across the four games, MYFC looked like a very strong, competitive side, working hard to play creative, passing football. As a team, they created a large number of great goals during the festival. With everyone playing their part well.

Well done MYFC.