Hi Ladies and gentlemen,

There is a lot going on at the moment so I thought I would try and put out as much as possible in an email type newsletter;

Training – Monday 3rd May.

Although this is a Bank Holiday we will be training on Monday night at the usual time of 6.00pm. I am doing this as more than 10 parents said their boys would be there. Please make sure we get more than 10 as the last time I did this for a different age group only 4 turned up!

Training – The rest of May

Training will continue on a Monday night through to Monday 24th May which will be our last session this season.


We are entered in three tournaments, the first one is on Sunday 16th May in the morning at Chippenham. We have two teams of eight entered and I will write separately to those parents who have put their boys forward.

The next tournament is then on Sunday 27th June at Castle Combe followed by our own tournament on 24 July. Again I’ll contact those parents who have put their boys forward separately.

Presentation Day

The Club’s presentation day is Saturday 22nd May. We will be holding it at the Malmesbury Youth FC playing fields starting at 2.00pm and finishing around 4.00pm to 5.00pm.

Every boy who has registered to play this season will receive a trophy so I hope you can all make it. For those boys who have just joined they will be welcome and we will ask for a  contribution of £10.00 to cover the trophy and training.   

We will need help setting up and taking down tents etc so please be aware it won’t be a “turn up and go” event. We are intending to run a mini World Cup tournament for the Under 6’s and 7’s and possibly the Under 8’s either before or after the presentation. More details nearer the event.


On Tuesday 25th May the Club will be holding it’s AGM at the Malmesbury Victoria Football Club at 7.30pm. It would be great if we had as many parents there as possible as the Club really needs some more people to get involved. We have relied on the summer tournament to supplement the finances of the Club but we cannot continue with this. To cover our costs the Club may need to increase the fees to a more realistic level. The current level of £60 and £45 is the lowest anywhere in the region and unless we can guarantee the future of the tournament then the annual fees will rise considerably. Please come along on the 25th May and join in the discussion.

Swim Party

Don’t forget to get back to Hayley about the swim party on Sunday 23rd May at the Activity Zone. It is free to all the registered players and for the new boys the cost is included in the £10.00. It should be a great event, a little noisy and wet maybe, but still a great event.

Next Season and New Coaches

Last Monday night we had 29 boys turn up to train. This is really great and I think a testament of the way the Club is progressing and our philosophy about letting all the boys play. However I can’t really coach 29 boys, even with Jack and Olly’s help the numbers are quite daunting. Basically we will have to spilt the group up into two teams next season. Malmesbury Youth Under 8’s North and South. Each group will consist of 16 players.

I will take one group but we are struggling to fill the Coaches roles for the other group. We must have two volunteers to run this group. I have enough experience to run one group on my own but it would be unfair on the new Coaches and the boys in the other group if there was only one Coach.

Lewis Nicholls has put himself forward as one of the Coaches and we need at least another one, if not two, parents to come forward. If we don’t get anymore parents coming forward we will have to reduce the group to one team of 16 players. Basically this will mean at least 14 boys will be very disappointed.

Please give it some thought. The Club will provide all the Coaching courses and equipment and I will be there to mentor the Coaches, if they want me that is, so it is not such an onerous task. Please consider putting yourself forward.  We will need the two additional volunteers to be put forward by the end of May at the latest so we can arrange the Coaching course etc.

Sorry to end on a pessimistic note but I really would love to ensure that we can provide football for 32 boys, and girls, next season in the Under 8’s. Please help us achieve that goal.

See you on Monday.

Kind regards,