Thank you so much to all the players that took part at last Sundays match. It was an absolute joy as a coach to watch our boys play the way they did, considering the pitch was more suited to players wearing wellies, rather than football boots!!

I feel the end result does not do us justice as unfortunately Cirencester was able to defeat us 4 – 0. The Cirencester striker had brilliant pace and was able to put the ball in the net, scoring himself a hat-trick.
I was so proud of our boys as Matt was, of the progress they have made since our first encounter at Minchinhampton last November. Our boys literally played their socks off and the match was very close.

I’d like to mention a few players in particular, Daniel Tenerife whom I felt had a fantastic game, outstanding as a defender and was able to push up the field and nearly bag himself a goal or two. Louis who started the match off in goal, made some crucial saves early on, then played in mid-field teaming up with Charlie, James and Ed.

Charlie whom dominated mid-field and showed brilliant control of the ball, and also came close to scoring on numerous occasions. James Hulme who never gave up and was also a dominant player up front, winning the ball time after time in Cirencester penalty area, but unfortunately the ball didn’t end up in the back of their net. I would also like to thank Henry Watling who was a little apprehensive about playing but had a fantastic game, and even volunteered to go in goal for the third & fourth quarter. Well done Henry!!

Of course, the players mentioned would not have been able to play so well if they didn’t have the excellent team play from the other players. Zac and Lochlan who done a fab job in defence, with assistance from Adam who played well in defence and mid-field. Also, Ed Watling who showed that he could control the ball well and put some fine passes through to James and Charlie.