I’d like to say a big thanks to all of the U7 lads for their hard work and passion for football this season.

We’ve seen significant development throughout the year, leading to some rather impressive games at our recent home tournament. There was even a chant from some parents of “it’s just like watching Brazil” which you should all take as a huge compliment! Some of the passing is incredibly slick, and we’re now getting goals most matches. Defending is strong and I’m impressed with how you all volunteer to take a turn in goal. This shows courage and a strong commitment to the team.

So, well done, thank you very much, and it all starts again in Sept when we’ll be part of the Cotswold Youth League.

As an aside, if any parents have good photos taken throughout the season, please send them on so we can upload to the website, and thanks to you also for supporting Mark and I this season as we’ve begun to learn the ropes!!