The 2013/14 season saw a jump from division 3 to division 1. Too soon? Only time will tell. As a coach, I am very excited about the challenge, and bringing the players along for it too.

MYFC were brushed aside today, in the easiest of fashions by a strong Devizes team. I am not sure what the MYFC players were expecting, but they had definitely not prepared themselves for what Devizes had to offer.

So much pressure coming MYFC’s way, that they proved they cannot cope at that level…..YET!
The pressure applied by Devizes saw nothing more in the MYFC team than, lack of shape, lack of determination, lack of positioning, playing too deep and inviting Devizes to push on.

98% of the game was played in the MYFC half, and it clearly became a training exercise for Devizes. A chance to fill their boots with goals, and that they did. 10-0 win for Devizes.

Only two MYFC players on the pitch that looked like they were there to do a job, which unfortunately does not make a team.

Time for MYFC to prove themselves, or it will be a very very long season.

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