Our first home game after the Christmas break welcomed Warminster Highbury Black………..and it was freezing!

The first goal of the game was scored very early, an MYFC goal within 30 seconds. It was a nice finish considering the scorer was at full stretch. MYFC did start quickly from the whistle which was great to see but Warminster were just as quick to try and take control after this goal.

That was the direction the game took for the remainder of the match, Warminster in full control for the majority of the game – they certainly had the higher percentage of possession. They were doing everything – passing the ball, taking control in the centre of the pitch, being determined all the time, working as a team. They just couldn’t get a shot at goal.

It seemed from the sidelines that most of the MYFC team were happy to rely on a couple of other players to do all the work. Passing USED to be our real strong point and we really need to get back there.

Despite the above MYFC did come away with a win, but what feels like a hollow win. We did take a few chances on the counter attack with 3 well taken goals from 3 glimmers of build up play but it was not up to our usual standards.

Our saviour in this game and the only reason Warminster didn’t score was the usual, strong individual performance at the back and a couple of great saves from our goalkeeper.

Now its time to re-set standards in the player development by taking players out of their comfort zone to regain focus and limit how much we rely on certain individuals.

If just one player does not pull their weight, another player has to work twice as hard which causes breakdowns in working as a team.

Next week we WILL look like a team that is progressing in their development. If we didn’t think you were awesome players we would just write ‘well done everyone’ but both you and us coaches know how good you really are and that is ‘REALLY GOOD’.

2 for 2 when playing poorly, imagine what we could achieve by putting all the technical training sessions into practise.

Cant wait for next weeks game versus Bath City.

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