A sunny day, a great location and a perfectly flat pitch for our away game versus Warminster meant we should in for a great game.

On the training pitch there has been one main issue we have been working on and that is taking control of the midfield section. With a new approach to this area, MYFC perfectly solved this problem right from the start. This was clear in the first half as Warminster were finding it tough to move out of their half due to MYFC’s holding player in the middle. MYFC were able to regain possession here and feed in back into an attacking situation more often than not. Each player that played within these two positions across the game did a fantastic job, and as always there is nothing better than seeing training ground work being shown on the matchday pitch.

The first half scoreline was close and it was looking like it would be anybodies game. MYFC looked fantastic during this half, correct decisions were being made to open up the gaps in Warminster then some great passing with vision was exploiting these gaps for the whole half. MYFC were taking chances but not converting them into goals and Warminster’s determined defence didn’t help us either.

As always the MYFC defencive line proved they are one of the best. Whoever plays in the back 3 knows the role and knows how to work together using all the defending principles. This made it tough for Warminster during this half to break their way through to our goal.

At half time MYFC were buzzing as they knew they were putting in a great performance. Because of this there was not a lot for us to add as coaches so the one thing we asked for was more shots, don’t be afraid to miss – create the chance and take it.

It was clear we were having a good day and the first half heavy defencive work by Warminster may have taken it out of them and by now MYFC had the attacking bit between their teeth. The second half saw MYFC on the attack constantly and they were now taking shots more comfortably. This paid off with a number of goals and very good goals too, well worked with great finishes, very much team goals.

The MYFC centre midfield were carrying out their roles perfectly, the wings were being used successfully and we were finishing chances to high standards.

Another solid performance from the MYFC keeper played a massive part in today’s game with some important saves during the game. Whenever I talk about a strong MYFC defencive performance it always includes the goalkeeper, a strong member of the back line.

Overall a brilliant MYFC performance which makes all the hard work on a Tuesday night worth it. It’s now clear to see by the players that what you put in at training is what you get out on a matchday.

Also, seeing one of our development players having such a positive effect on the game is such an amazing reward and a great step forward for the team.

Excellent game by all.

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