This weeks game was a first round league cup game at home versus Trowbridge Wanderers White. This was a recurring theme for MYFC, a game of two halfs. And as in previous games, against a team with 9 players compared to our 9 plus 3 subs which always adds a little more fog to the reasoning behind our downfalls.

It was a strong first half for MYFC. Although the quality of our passing and receiving was off all game long, we manged to create a number of chances with brilliantly taken goals. It was a successful half for MYFC and it was now time to prove to ourselves we could sustain this throughout the second half.

But, once again, MYFC fell into this far too common ‘lazy’ style of play during the second half, forgetting everything they have learnt to make their game easier and more effective. And from the sideline it was clear most were happy to let their team mates do the hard work for them. It was now our game to lose.

Considering this was a win for MYFC this report may seem a little doom and gloom but from a coaches point of view, we made hard work of this game.

Our Man of the Match was awarded to a player that for most of the game did his share of the work and the work of others too.

We will take the win as a confidence boost but take nothing away from Trowbridge as they are great team who play the game with the right attitudes. Add to that their coaches approach and the fact we can have a laugh with them makes a mornings football very enjoyable for all concerned!

Our next game is a County Cup game versus a very strong team so strap yourselves in and pray to the football gods that MYFC can rise to the challenge and cope mentally and physically with this . Come on boys, we know you can do it, help us out here!

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