This type of game is always one i look forward too as i love an underdog story with the underdogs leaving everything on the pitch and taking the win!

We were up against Trowbridge Wanderers a first division team in the second round of the league cup.

As coaches we were looking to carry on from last weeks brilliant MYFC performance and put up a real fight in this game.

Firstly the MYFC goalkeeper put up a brave fight under alot of pressure from Trowbridge and should not feel down about his performance at all.

Secondly the four MYFC players who played in defence across the game have had perfect games for the last two weeks. Covering, supporting and with determination making tackles left, right and centre. Like with every player there are mistakes made but we now know that this small group of players will, with passion and commitment try and put it right. There is nothing but praise for these players.

Moving further up the pitch we seem to take one step forward and then the next week take one step back again which results in us not gelling as a team consistently. Under pressure we lose everything. We saw players crowding each other in an under 6 style, expecting the ball to be passed to them without moving into space and calling for it then moaning when they didn’t receive the ball, tackling each other, passing without looking and being reminded that if you want to win a straight 1v1 race to the ball you do actually have to run at your top speed with effort!

The above is now getting a little boring as we know they can do it but they don’t seem to be able to do it consistently, which may be our downfall come Christmas.

MYFC did start to click during the second half with more effort resulting in more applied pressure to Trowbridge but once again it was a little too late.

From the side line this was, if not winnable, a potentially close scoreline as Trowbridge were wide open in defence but MYFC lacked the spark, passion and determination to exploit this.

But on the upside like the pro’s say “we can concentrate on the league now“!

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