Our post Christmas game at home to Melksham United Tornados was here and the weather was dry! We had all placed our bets as to who was going to puke chocolate coins or Christmas pudding first and were ready to go.

Our away fixture against this team was an end to end high scoring game so we hoped we were in for another great game between the two teams.

MYFC took control of the game straight away pressuring the opponent into giving up possession. MYFC were playing some great passing football and using the wings brilliantly for attacking runs, creating uncertainty in Melkshams area. MYFC were also very vocal to each other, an area we have lacked in the past and this was great to hear and no doubt helped the game play.

During the tail end of the first half and first part of the second, MYFC’s focus dropped slightly which resulted in us giving away possesion too easily, even though the vision and ideas were perfect. In turn, this put unwanted pressure on our defence, but we quickly took our finger off the self destruct button and regrouped.

The MYFC goalkeeping performance was excellent containing some brilliant saves at crucial times. Always looking to play the short ball out which needs everybody’s focus and speed, which we will nail soon.

Our defence were rock solid all game long with important tackles timed to perfection. If any errors were made at the back a team mate was always there to tidy up behind them.

The MYFC midfield section worked as a great unit playing the passing game to open up chances all game long. a real selfless performance from them.

MYFC’s striker had a brilliant game providing quality passes leading to attacking runs and chances all game long.

A real team effort today. All determined to win the ball back when needed and all determined to attack and WIN.

We must also point out that this game required very little coaching from the sidelines – all decisions were made by the players, errors noted and corrected by the team, encouragement and shouts of ‘Man on’ from the boys themselves. This is exactly what we have been working so hard to achieve – mature, responsible players who think for themselves and look for solutions when things aren’t going right instead of looking for someone or something to blame.

A win and no puke!

An excellent way to finish the first half of the season.

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