After such a long time away from competitive matches due to the Christmas break and league restructuring we were back and fired up for it.

Away to Devizes Town, this game was an unknown to us as we have never faced this opponent before. Full focus, concentration and a relaxed approach was needed to deal with anything we came up against.

A great pre game warm up gave us coaches what we needed from the players and we were ready to go.

However, almost from the first whistle it was obvious that the break from competitive football had done us zero favours.  Our game looked laboured and ragged and lacked vision – something we thought we would avoid after the pre match teamtalk.  We tried rotational substitute changes, positional changes but we really struggled to find a player structure that was effective or that the players found comfortable.  This season has seen massive improvement in our passing but in this game, I don’t think we managed to string 3 clean passes together all game long.  Although individually the players showed some great performances they really struggled linking up as a team.

The second half seemed to be better – we were making more passes stick and were very determined to keep possession and win it back when needed.

MYFC gained the win, but the scoreline didn’t really reflect the performance if we’re honest.

The game gave us a chance to see which dynamics work in the team and which ones struggle which is always helpful.  We need to apply ‘back to basics’ in every match by remembering all the principles of the game we work on at training and quickly build from there.

But I will finish on a high.  Two highlights for me were a quality piece of vision from one of MYFC by controlling the ball, knocking it in front of himself, looking up and switching play with a perfectly timed and positioned long pass which highlighted this players development and the potential he has.

And to top it off JB scored his very first goal for MYFC in the 5+ years he has been with us which is a monumental event and one we are all very proud of – he also performed a cheeky little backheel during the game too, top day for him and us.

Good result MYFC.

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