Today’s game saw the first of the return legs for this part of the season versus Devizes Town Youth FC. A game that was close to cancellation because of heavy rain turned out to be played in good dry weather on a fairly firm pitch.

Bottom line, nice and simple………… was a great game by both teams.

We were sooooooo desperate to get back to the style we wanted to play and gain wins through positive performances. Today MYFC did that.

We set the pre game targets HIGH and if we got anywhere near that we would be happy. Holding possession, looking before passing through every third of the pitch, effecting the game off the ball by creating space. Excluding the usual MYFC dip in the middle of the game which resulted in conceding a couple of goals, we feel we came close to achieving the targets.

Several weeks working on defending topics has certainly paid off as the MYFC back line now look confident within their roles and work near perfect as individuals and as a unit.

Our game plan for the match was to use our pace on both wings and create attacking pressure from those areas (our approach to the game changes for each one dependant on players within the team). This was without doubt the success of MYFC’s first half. Plenty of pressure applied and plenty of chances created.

As mentioned there was a slight MYFC dip in the middle of the game, most likely down to MYFC thinking they had won the game at half time and not taking on board the coaching during this period.

This is probably a perfect time to mention that the players WILL be played out of position on a regular basis. This will encourage development from a one trick pony to a competent player. Out of the comfort zone does work. I only say this as I know a few players (and possibly parents) see it as a hindrance. It isn’t, it’s an important part of each players development and we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t think they could cope with it.

MYFC did ‘up their game’ again towards the end and as a coach it makes it all worthwhile. There is no better feeling than seeing something you have been working on for several weeks on the training pitch being transferred onto the match day pitch perfectly, even something as small as switching play.

The short match report would read, great goalkeeping, defending that is improving weekly to a good standard, Midfield working to solve their issues positively and players creating scoring opportunities and taking nearly 50% of them.

A top game and like stated above to see training pitch coaching progressing to the match day pitch is a great thing for the players and the coaches.

Next week…………………even more improvement.

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