This weekends game was our return fixture against AFC Corsham Leopards.
As you have probably guessed by reading previous match reports we have made this first quarter of the season really hard work for ourselves in disappointing fashion.

Our first game against this team was one of only two league games so far that we have actually looked any good in so we wanted to drag ourselves out of our current rut and perform in this game like we did when we played them earlier in the season.

MYFC started the game at a quick pace putting the opposition under pressure continuously. MYFC were passing well, covering each other and actually looking like they knew how to play football and most of all they looked as though they were listening.

Because of the above, it became a game of one way traffic for most of the time. Even with constant MYFC player changes and position changes we showed we could remain focused and work hard throughout a whole game………………….just!

Everything achieved by MYFC in this game was near perfect and we now need to transfer this to next weeks tough game but with far far far more pace. We had plenty of time on the ball today which is something we will not be given at every game this season.

It really would be a shame to take a step backwards when they restructure the divisions at Christmas based on results over the first half of the season.

With 3 league games left to play and 9 points up for grabs before the division restructure, it is now down to the MYFC players which direction we take at Christmas.

A good game played today with smiles on all faces throughout. Keep it going and lets get to Christmas on a high.

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