Really not much needs to be said about this weeks match bar we had our butts served to us on a plate in a painful fashion! But I will try and beef it out with a little more. Cue grumpy Alan Hansen!

Bradford Town Panthers are clearly a good side, but so are we and today’s result was not a fair reflection of our team’s ability.

Right from the first whistle it was clear today was going to be a tough game and we needed to put a full shift in, dig deep and fight for each other and the team. This I am afraid MYFC did not do, on a grand scale.

Was it just one of those days?
Are we not good enough to compete against decent sides?
Do we not have the heart, determination and commitment to try even harder against a good team?
Does everyone expect to be carried by their team mates?

It’s certainly not option 2 and we hope it’s not option 3 or 4 so lets just hope it was option 1 and that we don’t have too many of them!

What ever it is we will be working hard to turn this into a positive. The players have a part to play in this too – gone are the days we will accept negative attitudes from players on the pitch if things don’t go their way. We expect every player to turn negatives into positives at all times on that pitch. We know what it’s like, we’ve been there, but as one head goes down, one player not doing his job affects the whole team. Remember, in team sports you are not just responsible for yourself but your team mates too.

Back to the game – it seemed we had taken a massive step back, forgetting everything we have worked so hard at to this point. Drifting out of position, lack of man marking, no movement off the ball, passing without looking, being too slow on the ball, no commitment in the tackles, and even tackling our own players at one point! Finally the one that irritates us the most because we’re well past this now – players just kicking the ball as hard as they can in any direction just to get rid of it instead of taking a touch, looking up and trying a pass to keep possession. Even if they are caught out, this is always the preferred option as it is part of player development, just kicking it is the easy way out.

We weren’t stretched too much last season – this week we were stretched and it seemed we were unwilling to work hard. Not for the team and not for ourselves. If we are to compete to a higher standard than last season, which we know we are capable of, we have to wake up and be willing to work for it in every department. We may have picked up very slightly in the second half but we think it’s worth mentioning that the opposition had no subs. A very good, last minute goal pleased the spectators but just wasn’t enough to come close to challenging the scoreline.

We have always said and will continue to say the score is not important to us. We have no issues with losing as long as we have put the effort in and reached the final whistle with our heads held high. We lost our first game of this season and we will be hard pushed to trump the level of praise and pride we had for MYFC after that game, You can refer to that match report and compare this one to that one taking into account we lost both games.

Even professionals have days like this, I should know as I’m a Hammers fan!!

You are good players and you can play to a high level but today our standards were far far far far too low.

Onward and quite literally upward.

Baaaaad times!

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