Today’s game we welcomed Bath City Youth FC to the Red Bull Pitches for our first meeting against each other.

We often move a couple of players per game around to different positions on the pitch to develop their game and understanding. After our last two performances we made the decision to play every player bar the goalkeeper out of their comfort zone position, attacking players moved to defensive roles and the defensive players took up the attacking reins.

When the players entered the dressing room and saw the team line up on the board, a nervous silence settled on the room. But us coaches could not wait to get out there and see what would happen.

This was a very even game throughout, both teams with what seemed even possession and an even amount of attacking play.

The MYFC first half was very good considering the player positioning. The GK had another strong game by positioning himself in the right place at the right time and confidently gathering up any shot that came to him – his game is coming along at a great pace and he is looking really confident in that position. Time to take him out of his comfort zone soon!

Our new back line for the first half performed brilliantly. Holding their line, covering, supporting each other and talking each other through the defending process, especially when our right back made an attacking run, the others reacted and covered naturally.

The MYFC midfield worked really well as a unit. Involving all in each movement and patiently working the ball through the pitch and feeding our usual centre back who was now our striker! The Midfielders were equally good at supporting our defenders by working as a group – this was great to see.

The MYFC striker had a great half by causing problems and creating crosses into the danger area, but we could not quite take our chances in this half.

The second half saw us move players back to more preferred positions which was very warmly welcomed by our centre back and striker in particular!

This half took on a very different style for MYFC, a style we will do our best to adapt and improve. It seemed to become a little uncomfortable for MYFC and it felt like it was only a matter of time that the MYFC defence would be put under too much pressure to cope. We seemed to adopt the old fashioned English way of playing which is getting the ball and trying to get to the goal as quickly as we could on our own without involving team mates. What the MYFC midfield/attacking players lacked in fluid, calm play they made up for in defending, cover and supporting work.

MYFC opened up some space several times to get some great shots away during this half but they just skimmed wide on these occasions. Damn these new smaller, correct size goals!

It was another good half for MYFC although a different and not our preferred style.

These two teams were only separated by one thing and that was an MYFC goal of quality. A shot across goal into the top corner.

MYFC should be really proud of themselves for playing so well out of position in the first half and bringing home the win in the second.

We may move you all out of position at the same time again soon!

A great game by both teams. Well done to both and we look forward to the return fixture.