With the end of the league season fast approaching we headed off for our away game versus Bath City Youth.

This game came off the back of some great team news. Malmesbury Youth fc under 11’s had just been awarded the runners up spot in the leagues Fair Play award.

Today’s game was about reminding people why we received such a high placing in this award.

As the saying goes ‘It was a game of two halves’. The first half saw a scrappy, untidy, lethargic MYFC who could not string any passes together let alone two. It was a really poor MYFC display in the first half and what made it worse from a coaches point of view was that we scored 3 goals in this half and conceded none. I know that is football and it’s what happens on the day but it does make me feel a little uncomfortable when the better, more technically visioned team are behind at half time. The half time score was NOT a fair reflection of the game at all.

Half time saw a very disappointed MYFC coach! If we walked away from the game at that point it would of shown that MYFC had taken nothing on board from the coaching sessions across the season and crumbled as a team under the slightest pressure.

The players were prepped at half time and were encouraged to put right all the negatives we had just witnessed.

Very little is said by the MYFC coaches from the sideline during any game, as the coaching is done mid week and the players put it into practice on the pitch learning from mistakes and making right decisions. This half would be even quieter than usual with nothing being said from the coaches at all. We wanted to see if, as a team, they could focus, put the effort in and problem solve for themselves, not to win but to show everyone and themselves that they are starting to understand the game and how to play it.

This they did – they came back fighting with something to prove to themselves, the coaches and the spectators. MYFC were positively encouraging each other and picking each other up vocally throughout this half, showing they are obviously a close group of team mates.

It was a great half with goals coming from good play, passing, exploiting the gaps and good finishes.

A far better, more positive half. A performance we must start to produce from the first whistle in tough games for next season.

I fear by slipping up on results before Christmas may have lead to us having it too easy for this section of the season. Making me wonder whether we can handle or are ready for higher pressured games next season?

Shocking first half, far better second half down to the players hard work and focus.

Well done MYFC for coming back from the dead.

Look out for this Bath City Youth team in the future. Technically a good side and when it all finally clicks…….watch out!

Steve Coleman

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