A first round county cup game versus Ferndale Rodbourne A who are a 1st division team.

Today needed to be a full blown fight to the final whistle full of determination, heart and passion for the game. A game to look back on and say ‘we did all we could’

It was not any of the above!

The time spent behind the scenes keeping the team going, progressing as coaches through courses, reading and visiting other clubs training sessions deserves a little more from the players at training and on match days

To sum up how much we fail to listen and learn and then put into practice on the pitch………………we only managed to complete 2 throw ins that were within the laws of the game!

I say yet again – you are capable of more than this – you ALL need to start wanting to be the best on the pitch, set a target to be the best and head towards it through effort and focus.

Football should be fun for you and this will only come through playing to the best of your ability. Nobody enjoys being made to look silly like we were today.

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