Now that our 1st place, winning 2011/12 league run is over it was time to move onto 6-a-sides tournaments.

A very early 8am start on a Sunday morning took us to our second 6-a-side, at the County Ground home of Swindon Town FC.

We were all really buzzing for this, a chance to play on a professional pitch without rabbit holes, with grass and to top it off, surrounded by grandstands for the spectators to sit in.

The under 10’s section had 3 groups of 6 teams. The top team from each group would go through to the semi finals along with the best placed 2nd team.

As with all 6-a-side games they are fast paced with a short time period. We had to step up, work hard and stay alert for 8 mins each game which we nearly 100% did.

We played some good football, keeping our heads up at all times and battled to the end of every game. Positive performances from every player and supporting and praising each other throughout the day was a great thing to watch and something we would love to see more of.

Our first game saw a 0-0 draw, 1 point earned.
The second game was a 1-0 win, 3 points earned.
A 0-0 draw in the third game, 1 point earned.

So far so good, we were more than happy with the performances so far.

We suffered a little blip in fourth game where it seemed all MYFC players forgot everything about the game of football and we suffered a 3-1 defeat, 0 points earned.

With our 5th and final group game approaching several teams could go through as best placed 2nd team, including us.

We needed a win and hope the other results went our way!

We looked strong during this game and scored the first goal. Could this be the winning goal we needed? Now that’s not the MYFC way is it! 1-1.
With the minutes fading fast MYFC kept their heads up, stayed calm and created………. a winning second goal! 2-1 final score, 3 points earned.

We had done all we could in the last game, we just had to wait for the other results to come in……………………….unfortunately we missed going through to the semi finals by…………..1 point!

Despite not getting through the group stages, we played extremely well. Our heads never dropped, we kept our cool and worked as a team.

I would say we all really enjoyed the trip to the County Ground.

One negative! I didn’t get to have a beer with DiCanio! I wore my West Ham shirt for nothing!

Well done MYFC.