We welcomed our first game of 2012 to the Red Bull, a league game against Westbury Youth Pumas fc.

We have not played a game of football for a month and during our first training session after the Christmas break, we renamed ourselves ‘Christmas Pudding FC’, due to a clear dip in fitness!

It was a very even first half. Westbury came of the blocks with a fighting spirit, winning nearly every loose ball and fighting to regain possession when needed.

MYFC were clearly lacking determination and confidence during the first half, seemingly quite happy to spend more time spectating rather than work hard.

The passing game was not really working for MYFC during the first half either. Slow to release the ball, resulting in losing possession and then reluctant to win it back.

The second half needed more concentration, confidence and determination.

With the pitch being in a heavy state, we needed to let the ball do the work and make things easy for ourselves.

Our usual passing game did start to re-appear during the second half, which looked very slick at times, opening up space in Westbury’s half. MYFC started to use the wings in a good manner and the defence started to look a little calmer, playing the ball forward without panic. A glimmer of the standard we have set for ourselves in past games.

During the course of the game, MYFC created a great number of chances, resulting in a number of goals.

Overall, the performance was of a good standard, taking into account the month off, including the Christmas break.

A good start to 2012, Well done to the team.

Today’s game highlighted the need to get back into our training program and rebuild the players confidence. MYFC under 10’s have a group of great players, and we need to show this on the pitch.

Everyone in the camp seems happy and as a team we are in great spirit, we need to build on this, push forward and create a great team for the future.

Everyone looked like they enjoyed the game, and we all look forward to continuing through our excellent season to date.

Hard work, determination, confidence and a winning mentally. Onwards and upwards.