Our second league game of the season, away to Warminster High Stripes. This game followed a perfect, well played first game, so expectation was very high.Long gone is the normal 10 minute MYFC warm up period. We were straight in from the whistle, creating an early lead.

The following 10-15 minutes looked a little nervous for MYFC, losing the flowing, passing football and winning back of possession.

Once the MYFC players realised that the simple passing game makes their lives easier, we were back on track. We continued the half, creating a good number of chances. These chances ended a little wide, a little high or saved by good High Stripes goalkeeping.

We started the second half with a one goal lead, and we really needed to get back to the attractive passing football we know we can play.

MYFC did go back to the passing way and made it a completely different second half. Great passing moves, including a lot of one touch passing. The passing game was also fully embraced by the MYFC defence, not once hoofing the ball up field, but choosing to take a touch and pass it up field.

The second half saw a huge amount of MYFC chances created through good play, and the game ended with a number of goals being scored by various players.

Well done to every player in every position, another great game.