The decision was made early on that the pitch was playable and a little rain was not going to stop us! WE WILL PLAY FOOTBALL! And we did, to the very end! But I must admit, I didn’t expect the snow!

Today’s home game versus Trowbridge Wanderers was a very cold, wet and windy one, which was a real test for how tough and how determined MYFC were. They did themselves proud and continued to be part of the game from start to finish, in very difficult conditions, whether on the pitch or as a sub. They should all be very proud of themselves.

I feel it is only fair to report on the first half, as the second was a blur for me and I really couldn’t keep up to speed with what was going on!

In the first half, MYFC looked very positive, with a perfect attitude to dig deep in the bad weather and play some good attacking football.

This is where I insert last weeks gag about missed sitters! This week though, you can add barn door to it! Despite the above, it was an MYFC half, full of attacking play and comfortable defending and goalkeeping.

I think due to the nature of the game and weather, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

MYFC proved they could be tough and stayed focused, even in the most difficult circumstances. Well done for seeing it out and proving footballers can be tough! (I hear the local rugby teams cancelled due to it being too cold!)

As you know by now, I will never cancel a game of football unless the pitch is two inches underwater, frozen like concrete or the powers above me make the decision!

Well done MYFC!