MYFC’s season took an uncomfortable wobble today, away to Trowbridge Wanderers C. Trowbridge were straight into the game, wanting to show us that us being an unbeaten team means nothing on the day, and that they did.

MYFC were second to most balls, due to the oppositions passion and drive to win everything. MYFC were all too easily muscled off the ball and put under constant pressure.

This pressure created a panicked MYFC team, showing poor first touch and little vision with their passing.

If it were not for all 4 players that played in the back line of defence, we would be walking away from the game without our point. These defenders showed calmness on the ball, constant effort and determination and supported each other at all times. Their game unfortunately was made harder by the rest of MYFC not taking charge further up the pitch.

MYFC’s lack of width in the middle of the pitch, created a compact section in the centre. This prevented the Trowbridge midfield being forced out wide, to create some free space for some attacking runs from the back.

MYFC’s midfield/striker section failed to show determination to win the ball and then find space, using quick movement to make and receive passes. This, I’m afraid, put the whole team under pressure.

MYFC did manage to make several attacking passes work, but they were unable to finish their chances, chances that on a normal day would of been in the back of the net.

A strong MYFC performance at the back, kept us in the game, all game.

I do not want to take anything away from Trowbridge, the stronger, more determined team on the day.

If we are to make it up into a higher division and compete, we need all players digging deep when the going gets tough and working hard for themselves and their team.

All of us need to take our individual negatives from this game, work on them and turn them into positives.

We must not think that every game is going to be a walk in the park, as we will get caught out on a tough day, like today.

Onwards and upwards MYFC, we believe in you 100%!