Our third game of the season was the start of our cup run, away to Trowbridge Wanderers A.We purposely kept from the players, that the two teams were competing in two different ability divisions. The MYFC players do have this habit of being mentally beaten before the starting whistle if they think they are playing a far better team than themselves.

As far as the MYFC players were concerned, this was a game they could win, like any other. They played within this mindset, creating a good cup game. Not once did they look too far out of place.

It was a tough game for MYFC, against a team who are very comfortable with losing their marker and finding space.

All MYFC players played very well and played to the very end. It was a difficult game, that put a stop to our passing game. This was due to a Trowbridge team who were always fighting for the ball.

We can hold our heads up high, as we kept a relatively low scoreline. MYFC worked hard and never threw the towel in.

The one thing we all agreed on after the game, our man marking and filling gaps let us down. This we can work on and come back stronger next week.

Well done to everyone involved. Nothing to be ashamed of.