Today MYFC were kitted out in a sunshine yellow away kit, hopefully this would put us all in a good mood whilst trying to get back to our usual form, away to Frome Town FC B.

Before the game MYFC looked excited and confident in getting back to a comfortable way of playing.

The first half saw a very nervous and unsettled MYFC team. Being given so much time on the ball in previous games, MYFC seem to panic a little when put under pressure. This lack of calmness seems to lead to a poor first touch and then resorting to just hammering the ball away, resulting in losing possession.

A first half which mainly contained MYFC lacking determination to win the ball and overplaying when in possession, made it a very uncomfortable period. Despite this, there were times we did play the quick passing game, which lead to several good chances and goals.
On a few occasions the MYFC defence were caught out by a very long Frome kick from the goalkeeper. They failed to give themselves a couple of yards against very fast Frome strikers. It took a while for the MYFC back line to understand this, but when they finally did, it became more of a challenge for the opponents strikers.

The MYFC midfield/strike line made it a difficult time for themselves in the first half. We have proved that if we combine a quick, passing game with the brilliant way we push forward in an attacking line, we would be very very difficult to stop.

The second half was a different story to the first. MYFC looked calmer, and more controlled.
A couple of positional changes during the game created width to the MYFC team, and passing football that proved good to watch, creating chances and goals.

Great passes and attacking runs from the MYFC defence, along with a forward line that attacks quickly and as a team, gave us a great second half.

We have a strong defence on our day, and we constantly prove we can push forward and attack quickly and confidently. If we could just get our heads round the rough edges in between, we will be an even better team.

As a team, from now on, we must be competitive and determined to win every ball from the very first whistle. The more we back away from the ball and as the amount of initial effort falls, we put ourselves under huge pressure, pressure, at some point we will not be able to cope with.

Well done to everyone. You showed great strength to come back from a difficult first period and get another win. Onwards and upwards.

Let’s finish 2011 on a high, giving some great performances and giving spectators a great game of football to watch.