A chance to write a match report in a happy frame of mind, full of positives.

Our latest league game, at home to FC Chippenham Youth B.

On a damp sticky day like today, there is only one way to play football at the Red Bull – let the ball do the work and limit the amount of running each player does on the heavy pitch.

MYFC had a fantastic game, in every area of the pitch.

Solid goalkeeping, including dives to save the ball with the hands, which was very welcoming to see. A solid performance when called into action.

The MYFC back line were strong, confident and calm, never once looking to hoof the ball forward, always trying to make the pass. They supported and covered each other all game long. Pushing forward to create a central midfielder when needed, and outlaying good passes to the wide positioned midfielders.

The two MYFC midfielders were encouraged to stay wide and use the whole pitch, to avoid being clogged up in the middle of the pitch. They did this brilliantly, pushing forward with the striker in a speedy manner, which was very difficult to defend against. A game full of excellent runs, using the space and creating attacking passes and crosses every time.

The MYFC striker held his position perfectly, working alongside the midfielders to give MYFC a very fast paced attacking line.

As a team MYFC looked on top form, working as a team, unselfishly playing the passing game and not looking to be an individual. A great number of MYFC chances were created throughout the game, but MYFC were stopped on many occasions by some amazing Chippenham goalkeeping and a Chippenham team that were never going to give up. It was only Chippenham’s determination that resulted in us not being able to keep the clean sheet.

A fantastic MYFC team performance, showing that progress is being made and that they can listen to the coaches and act on the instructions.

Welcome back MYFC!