It was a pleasure to be playing at Stanley Park again, thankfully on a sunny day for our away game against FC Chippenham.

MYFC started the game in a strong, attacking manner, right from the starting whistle, moving the ball forward confidently and quickly.

FC Chippenham opened the scoring. This was a goal that will teach MYFC to play to the whistle, and not make the ref’s decision themselves! MYFC were playing some good football, so this little set back caused no worry or issue from me. We have had decisions go our way in the past, that’s the nature of the game.

MYFC grabbed the ball from the back of their net and were off again, constantly piling on the pressure. This good style of football lead to a number of goals before half time.

The second half became more of a development half for us, with players trying out a position they have never played in before. They all seemed to have fun and enjoy the game. The second half also saw a good number of goals.

A good, strong performance from the team and ALL players, regardless of the position they played in.

There were a few shouts of ‘have a go’, ‘hit it’ and ‘have a crack’ from the sideline. Our parents are second to none when it comes to supporting their team but a lucky shot from distance will not suit the technical style we are aiming for, especially in a game like this, when we should be using it to work on our two touch and one touch passing. (no offense intended)

Well done MYFC. A good days work.