A beautiful day to watch a beautiful game. After a couple of weeks off, it was good to hit the pitch again, in style.

MYFC have been working hard at training on their passing game and finding space, and this showed on the pitch today, away against Chippenham Town Blue.

Here’s one for those of you with a sense of humour! I wont be mentioning the clear sitters MYFC missed during this game (at least 15). I wont mention them at all (at least 15 of them)!

MYFC were mentally ready for this game before kick off, and they started the game in a positive manner, moving straight into the passing game we want to see on a weekly basis. Their efforts in regaining possession for the whole game was also a very welcome addition to their play.

Starting from the back, a quiet game for the MYFC keeper, but he carried out his duty when needed and kept a clean sheet for his efforts.

The MYFC defence kept their shape and stayed strong throughout the game, making important tackles to prevent the opposition from reaching our goal time and time again. Fully supportive of each other for the whole game and more importantly, staying calm. We also saw some great forward runs from the back, creating chances and goals for the team. A great performance from all in this area of the pitch.

The MYFC midfield/strikeline looked as if they were really enjoying the game, working as a perfect unit. Simple, passing football, alongside some individual magic looked great from the sideline. Their passing game looked clever and well thought out, opening up space for themselves to be on the constant attack. I cannot praise some of the passing highly enough, it was passing of a very high standard, slicing through the opposition’s defence. They took full advantage of the space given to them on the wings, giving themselves time and space to play the perfect pass forward.

All of the above combined created an attacking team that looked calm and confidant. A huge number of chances created (I wont mention the missed sitters, at least 15) along with a good number of goals, which came from great forward play.

The game was played in great spirit by all, a brilliant game to watch.

Well done MYFC.