p>A super confident MYFC took the field today, in our away game to Castle Combe Colts FC.

I think we all needed a great MYFC performance today, to take the team spirits back to the height they were a few weeks back.

This they produced, in perfect style.

It was a calm, committed and stylish performance from MYFC today. Every player was confident before the game, took the warm ups seriously and got themselves into the right mindset before kick off. All players were keen to get started and prove themselves within the team.

Our usual downfall of not winning the ball back and not staying mentally strong seemed a long distant memory of today’s MYFC team. I don’t remember too many mistimed or lack of tackles, if any at all.

The MYFC defence were rock steady, timing every challenge perfectly, covering each other when needed and verbally encouraging and positioning each other throughout the game.

The MYFC midfield/strike line were top of their game today. Creating space and flowing football and working the ball up the pitch with fantastic passing, rarely walking into tackles. Their performance was topped with their determination to get back and support their defence and then push themselves to go forward with the attack.

The whole teams excellent performance earned themselves 3 well worked goals. Along with the 3 goals came a clean MYFC sheet which was down to a solid team performance and an MYFC goalkeeper who was fully awake, pulling great saves out of the bag when needed and more importantly coming off his line to make the goal area his own, fully in charge of that space.

A much needed brilliant performance, one to be proud of. Coming back from 2 losses on the bounce is tough, but MYFC stepped up and came back.

Well done MYFC.