I should have made the decision to write a smiley, happy, ‘its the taking part that counts’ match report for every game from the start of the season! But I didn’t, so I must continue with a report that reflects the game from a coaches point of view.

Not sure what to say here, apart from it’s starting to feel a bit slippy at the top of the table!

The first half of our season contained great performances from MYFC, calm, clever, attacking passing football. The team was looking sharp with goals and wins coming each week.

BUT!….. as predicted, if you concentrate too much on the previous score, when it comes to the return games you WILL get caught out.

Despite the same old pre-game chat, EVERY player turns up to each game saying ‘we beat them (insert score) last time, we will beat them by more this time!’ Confidence is one thing, being complacent is something that will ensure we come unstuck every time.

As every player is told before each game, the last score means nothing. Your opposition may have different players and they may also now know your weaknesses. And as we now see, they just want the win a whole lot more.

Today’s game saw us at home versus Bradford Town Youth Lions.

Pre-match, we were all buzzing and in good spirits, looking forward to putting last week behind us.

The first half saw a real battle between both teams, not the prettiest game of football, but a battle anyway. It was looking like a 0-0 half time was on the cards, but a lack of MYFC concentration at the back saw a last second Bradford goal in the first half.

The second half was a half for one team, Bradford! They were determined to put us in our place by showing the mental and physical strength to win every ball and keep MYFC under constant pressure.

Time for groundhog day! Once again, our downfall was a clear lack of determination, drive and passion. As last week, you could probably count the tackles made by MYFC on one hand during the second half. This lead to two more Bradford goals, down to nothing but ball watching from MYFC. I swear the goalscorer of the second was whistling a tune while walking past ALL our defenders, to then score.

With MYFC creating no space for themselves in the midfield/strike line, it was going to be a very tough task to come back from this at 0-3.

MYFC did manage to to pull a goal back with a cool finish. I’m afraid though, starting to give it your all at 18 Min’s in a 20 min half is just not good enough.

There was, at times, some individual skill on the pitch from one player and one solid performance from the MYFC centre back, one to be proud of.

MYFC did put a couple of great passes forward, but again they were unable to put these clear chances into the net.

A deserved win for Bradford, who were determined and committed to gaining the win.

Moving out of division 4 is our goal, losing 3 games on the bounce is not!

More effort required from all.

Many thanks, Alan ‘the grump’ Hanson