With the top of the league being so close regarding points, MYFC needed a strong performance today. Not just to help our league standing, but to show we have learnt by our mistakes during the first game against this opponent and were willing to dig deep and put them right.

We welcomed Bishops Cannings to the Red Bull Pitches for Mothering Super Sunday!

With confidence in the team running sky high, we weren’t too worried about the games outcome. That was until we heard one of the players during the warm up say ‘Is my hair muddy?’ Was it going to be one of those days? Let’s all pray!

MYFC started the first half lacking shape and positioning in the midfield/strike line. At times it looked as if we were playing 3 centre midfielders! With some gentle encouragement from us to drag themselves further out wide, the final 10 mins of the first half started to look more comfortable and dangerous.

We just needed all players to stay awake and stay alert and make more effort in winning back possession of the ball.

MYFC first touch and passing looked a bit lethargic and forced in the first half. Our pitch is not the greatest by a long way, so it needs an instant change in approach to make the passing game work. Something we needed to address to make the best of this fixture.

That ugly head of the old MYFC needing 10 mins to get into the game showed itself again! Not for too long though thankfully, and that issue was sent packing right on cue…..about 10 mins in!

A strong performance from the MYFC defence and goalkeeper all game long, brought home another clean sheet. Calm defending, covering each other when needed and passing forward. Another verbally supportive performance from the back line, a pleasure to see and will constantly build a group of players who respect each other 100%.

A far better performance from the MYFC midfield/strike line in the second half, produced great attacking runs, passes, crosses and chances. A couple of goal line scrambles on Cannings line reminded us of a pub pinball machine! I’ll be looking for some breakfast cereal for the team that contains ‘instinctive striker additive’.

Overall a great performance from MYFC, giving themselves the win.