Well it had to come at some point, and taking into account the last couple of MYFC performances, today was that day.

To try and ease the blow, I’m putting it down to the afternoon kick off!

We traveled away for our first league game against Bishops Cannings. As I never read anything into the league table and past results at this age, Bishops Cannings were an unknown to us.

MYFC seem to be lacking in confidence and determination at the moment, Making games very hard for ourselves.

It was a very end to end game, with what seemed to be equal possession. As the game went on, it was clear whoever scored first was going to walk away with the win.

MYFC’s first touch continually let them down, leading to loss of possession or throwing themselves into chasing the ball to keep it.

There were some great passing moves from MYFC, but not enough for a 40min game. A combination of lack of finding space and calling for the ball was the cause of this shortfall.

Both teams had many chances, but both failed to find the back of the net. Not many shots tested either keeper in anyway.

A very tired looking MYFC performance, with very little winning back of the ball or defensive support from the midfield, and not much in the way of attacking moves from the back, sealed our fate.

You as players, your team, spectators and coaches deserve 1 hour 40 mins dedication, commitment and effort from you each week. This is something we know we can do and now expect. Not many games throughout your career will be handed to you on a plate, it takes the above three element to progress.

The winning goal came from………………….Bishops Cannings. This goal came from a little confusion/error in the MYFC defence. We all make mistakes, what counts is being able to except our errors and working out how to avoid them next time.

Despite all the negatives (think of me as the grumpy Alan Hanson on Match of the Day, very hard to please!), there were a couple of individual great performances. And again on the upside, it wasn’t that long ago, during a game like this, MYFC would have given up completely and thrown the towel in early on.

A great game for the neutral spectator and a deserved win for Bishops Cannings, who were alert enough to take one of their chances.

This result will naturally make the next game even harder, as it is now clear to the rest of the league, we can be beaten. It’s whether we can step up to the mark and put things right.

As players and as a team, we have come a very long way. A journey we should all be proud of and keen to keep progressing in the right direction.

I can assure you, as coaches, we will be sitting here tonight researching ways to build the confidence and determination in the team.

We all need to be proud of our team, proud of ourselves as players and coaches and want to do all we can to create a great, happy team, for years to come.

Hopefully we can move forward from this and still meet our set target of promotion to the next division.

Today was just one of those days, happens to everyone, even West Ham………………I know even West Ham.

As from the next full stop, onwards and upwards, with confidence.