A new season brings a new league for the latest Malmesbury Youth FC Under 10’s team.
This year we are competing within The Mid Wilts Youth & Minor Football league, Yellow division.

Being our first season in this league, means most teams are also new to us too. Our opening league game saw us play AFC Corsham Cougars for the very first time.

We had to bounce back from our ‘must forget’ pre-season friendly, and go back to the calm, passing game we have been trying really hard to create.

The MYFC team, every one of the players, looked confident, calm and excited to put on a good show and play some great football.

They achieved more than we expected. It was a wonderful game to watch for the MYFC coaches and spectators. At no point did the MYFC players try rushing the ball up the pitch. It was constant, great passing moves from goalkeeper, through every player and then on to create a goal.

Thanks to the style of football MYFC were playing and the amount of effort each player was putting in for their team, they created a great number of goals, from several scorers, all coming at the end of beautiful passing moves.

MYFC have set the bar pretty high for the rest of the season. As coaches, we will be expecting this style of passing football and amount of effort at every game.

We will be working extremely hard this season to create a team that can confidently play attractive football, showing us how confident they are at making the right decisions on their own, but also learning when they have made the wrong decision.

A brilliant first game, that everyone should be very proud of.

The hard work will continue. No matter what the end scores are, we WILL be improving as a team and as individuals.