The U10 Hawks had a phone call late Friday afternoon inviting us to participate in a tournament at Bussage the next day, it was very late notice and I was concerned who would be available but as usual the Hawks parents showed the commitment that they have always done and as I went through my phone offering the first seven that I came across a place, I had a yes from every single one of them.
So Saturday afternoon on a very hot gorgeous June day we arrived, very excited, but also a little sad when I realised it would be my last tournament with the boys as an MYFC coach.
The boys as usual were a credit to their parents and MYFC as they played fair, and were respectful to all adults and officials that were involved, not all teams could say the same.

The hawks played the best I have seen all season, the passing was precise and they played as a team, not as individuals. All the drills practised in training were being performed and it was a very proud moment for myself as a coach. We came top of the group stages and went into the semi finals feeling very confident. We won this convincingly at 3 – 0 and made it into the final.

We knew the final was going to be very tough as we had lost to the opposition earlier in the day, it was 0-0 at half time and it was looking like neither team would be finding the back of the net, and then the break we needed, as LC got free on the left hand side, beautifully dribbled past a couple of players and then crossed it through their defence and keeper, where LA picked it up in front of an open goal and put it in the back of the net with just 2 minutes left of the clock. The opposition came back hard and were unable to get it back down to our goal. The final whistle went with a 1 – 0 win to us.

A fantastic way to end the season and my time with MYFC, I Would like to officially thank the parents, boys and the members of MYFC who have helped me in my four years at the club, I really have enjoyed my time and wish MYFC all the best for the future.