Trowbridge Town Wasps FC (U14) V Malmesbury South (U14) – 19th April 2015 at Trowbridge.

The Malmesbury South team:

Goalkeeper: Harry
Defenders: Jack, Angus, Pete
Midfield: Max, Kyle, Ben, Charlie, Josh
Attack: Ryan, George
Substitutes: Jasper
Coaches: Jay Martin and Andy Waller
Linesman: Kerry Rogers

On this sunny but cool day at Trowbridge, the referee blows his whistle and Trowbridge kick off.
Trowbridge have an early attack, shoot but Harry saves. Malmesbury go on the attack through Ryan, who shoots but wide. Malmesbury attack again Ryan pulls the ball back to Pete who shoots but wide. Trowbridge attack, in on goal but Harry beats the attacker to the ball to clear for a throw in.
Trowbridge break out quickly from the back, thunder down the pitch and score. GOAL
1 – 0

Several Malmesbury attacks follow putting Trowbridge under pressure, George lays the ball back to Kyle who knocks a ball over the top to Ryan, who shoots but high. Malmesbury go again with a break out by Kyle who passes to Ryan who shoots but wide.
Trowbridge return to the attack but Jack shepherds the ball out for a goal kick. Malmesbury break out from the back with Pete in full flight and knocks a ball in to the middle but the keeper collects.
The Malmesbury coach make a change and George is withdrawn and Jasper joins the fray. Jasper is in attacking mood, Malmesbury attack down the left with Kyle who passes to Jasper, shoots but wide. Ben surges forward and knocks a ball over the top to Jasper who is on goal, and chips the keeper and scores. GOAL
1 – 1

Trowbridge attack down the left but Pete tackles to clear the danger. Kyle goes on a surging run through midfield, beats several players shoots and score. GOAL
1 – 2

Malmesbury continue to attack, Charlie takes a speculative shot but wide. Ben takes a knock and is withdrawn, George is back on.
Trowbridge attack through the middle and are in on goal but Harry saves. Several Malmesbury attacks follows leading to shots from Ryan, Jasper and Josh. Malmesbury win a free kick, Charlie takes but keeper saves.
The referee blows the whistle on a keenly contested and finely balanced half with Malmesbury with their noses in front.


Trowbridge start the second half in attacking mood and knock a ball into the box but the danger is cleared by Angus. Malmesbury return to the attack down the left, Charlie shoots but the keeper saves.
Trowbridge are in on goal but Angus clears the danger. Malmesbury surge forward Charlie to Jasper who flicks the ball past the keeper, but he recovers and collects the ball.
Trowbridge mount another quick attack and score through a great strike. GOAL
2 – 2

Max makes a strong run down the left, in on goal, shoots but keeper collects. A sweet Malmesbury move follows, George to Charlie, Charlie to Max who wins a corner. Charlie takes the corner, knocks it to Kyle who shoots but high. Ben knocks a ball into Kyle who shoots but keeper saves.
Josh is withdrawn and Ryan is back on (not sure when he previously left the pitch). Jack goes on a surging run down the left but Trowbridge clear the danger. Trowbridge in on goal but Pete heads back to Harry.
Malmesbury return to the attack with shots from Charlie and Pete, but both just wide and continue to press. Kyle knocks a ball to Ryan, who is on goal but keeper collects. Trowbridge aren’t finished yet and go on the attack, shoot but wide.
As the games draws to a close, Malmesbury win a free kick, Kyle takes but keeper collects.
The referee blows his whistle to bring the game to a close.


Congratulations to both side for a keenly fought and close game.
On to the next league game Devizes v Malmesbury South at 2pm on 26th April 2015 at Devizes. – COY Reds