Dear Player/Parent,

We at Malmesbury Youth FC would like to invite you to join us for another season of Football in Malmesbury. The club continues to grow, based on our philosophy of all inclusive participation and enjoyment, in playing football at what ever level. If you are an old member returning for another year or a new member we welcome you all and hope you learn something new, develop your talent, and above all else enjoy yourselves in the season ahead.

The club is indebted to all of the coaches who give so much of their time every week. If you can offer any support (take down a net, offer or collect match fees etc) at any time please offer they will be glad of your help. To support the coaches and club it was agreed that as part of belonging to the club each team would look for two parents to represent them on the committee. Meetings are usually once every 4-6 weeks and last about an hour. We need this input as with over 280 members last year we need to make sure all members within the club are represented and that the coaches have full support from you all. Please discuss and agree with your age related team coach, who will represent you and get your views known.

We would like to invite you to our AGM which is on Monday 17th June 19:30 at Malmesbury Bowls Club. (Contacts within the club are included in the 2013-2014 Registration Invitation Document available in the Documents & Download Section).

Malmesbury Youth FC continues to offer exceptional value when compared with other sports. We have completed some polls of football clubs and we are proud to say we are still have some of the lowest overall subscription costs of any club. The last two years has seen some very inclement weather. The club feels this is likely to continue and at last year’s AGM it was agreed that all teams would be afforded the opportunity to train indoors as required. To make this as easy as possible there will be no weekly charge and all cost would come out of club funds. Outside of subscriptions and the six a side we have very little fund raising so any ideas you have would be welcome and will reduce possible increases in the future..

As agreed last year there is to be no increase in the registration fees this year and the option to spread the payments over ten months is still available.
The 2013-2014 Malmesbury Youth FC registration Forms can be found below and in the Download Section of the site.
Once completed please attach with relevant league form (if applicable) photograph (if applicable) and payment in full or with completed standing order form to the respective team manager for the age group your son or daughter is registering to play for.
MYFC fully support and actively engaged with the FA “Respect” campaign (Full details can be obtained at When joining the club and signing the forms as parent and players, you commit to abiding by the constitution of Malmesbury Youth Football Club, the Respect campaign and agree to abide by the following:

  • (Size: 245.8 KiB)
  • [The Malmesbury Youth FC Code of Conduct]

The Child Protection Policy and the Code of Conduct are for reference and to ensure we have a detailed policy to cover any issues that could arise in these areas. These documents can also be assessed via the ‘Documents & Downloads’ main navigation under ‘Policies & Charters’.
Thanking you for your understanding and support and we look forward once again to a most successful season for all.

The Malmesbury Youth Player Invite and Registration Forms for season 2013-2014 can be assessed via the ‘Documents & Downloads’ main navigation under ‘Malmesbury Youth FC Documents’ or directly below:

Please contact the team’s coach for the respective League Registration Forms and associated requirements to accompany the registration such as photographs.

Please follow the guidance provided by each respective coach for the return deadline of all forms.

Please note that a player must be registered with the club and the League before being allowed to participate in matches.