After getting a MYFC walking group involved in the Malmesbury Carnival precession in 2009, While waiting at the start point a small group of us decided that in 2010 we would make sure MYFC had a float amongst the procession.

Using the world cup 2010 as our theme we set the ball rolling by holding a number of craft sessions for children to help make our float vision come to life. Everyone who attended really enjoyed the craft sessions, combining Football, painting & Making and Chocolate, made for some good memories for the children as they put in all the hard work creating the MYFC float.

With a GREAT adult team behind the scenes, planing and sourcing all materials needed, and with the children of MYFC (players & Siblings) putting their artistic and creative skills to paper, card, wood and anything else that stands still long enough! our MYFC float is now ready for the build.

The next update will be at the build stage.

Steve Coleman