Mere Town Youth FC (U14) V Malmesbury South (U14) – 12th April 2015

At Duchy Fields, Mere.

The Malmesbury South team:
Goalkeeper: Harry
Defenders: Jack, Angus, Pete
Midfield: Max, Kyle, Ben, Charlie, Josh
Attack: Jasper, George
Substitutes: Ryan
Coaches: Jay Martin and Andy
Linesman: Andy Booth

On this sunny but windy day at picturesque Mere, the referee blows his whistle and Mere kick off.
Malmesbury don’t profit from early attacks with strong runs from Ben and Max, followed by a great ball from Pete to Jasper who shoots but high. Jasper wins a free kick, knocks it into the box, Kyle heads but over the bar.
The games swings as Mere go on the attack, Mere in on goal but shoot high. Oh close.
Charlie hits a sweet ball from midfield for Max and Kyle to chase but Mere clear the danger.

Mere attack down the left but strong defending by Angus clears the danger. Mere push forward gain, in on goal shoot but Harry saves. Malmesbury return to the attack with Ben in full flight down the right, knocks a cross in but Mere clear the danger.
Malmesbury break out from defence, Josh to Jasper, Jasper across to George but Mere intercept a very promising attack.

Mere return to the attack with vengeance, a Mere attacker gets around Harry but runs the ball out. Mere continue to attack strong defensive work by Pete, Charlie and Harry prevent Mere from profiting.
Its Malmesbury turn to attack a neat ball by George to Jasper down the left but Mere intercept. Next Malmesbury attack Jasper gets a shot away but wide.
Mere go on the attack but again are thwarted by great defensive work by Jack, Pete and Angus.

Malmesbury attack this time Kyle get a shot away but wide. Malmesbury win a corner, Charlie knocks a good ball in to the box but Malmesbury don’t connect and Mere clear the danger.
The referee blows the whistle on a keenly contested and finely balanced half.


The coaches make a change and George is withdrawn and Ryan joins the fray up front.
Mere start the second half in attacking mood and two great saves by Harry keep the teams on even terms.
Pete wins the ball and surges down the right wing shoots but wide.
Mere attack down the left, and are in on goal, shoot and score. GOAL
1 – 0

The games swings to and fro as both sides are in attacking mood. Malmesbury put pressure on Mere through several concerted attacks but can’t profit. Pete takes a long range speculative shots which initially bounces over the keeper but the keeper recovers and collects. Finally Malmesbury are rewarded for their pressure when Ben knocks in a cross and the Mere defender knocks it his own goal. GOAL
1 – 1

Malmesbury attack again with Jasper in on goal but the keeper saves.
Mere revert to attack, and knock a ball into the box which is intercepted by Angus and knocks the ball just over the bar.
A great run down the right wing by Ryan who knocks a ball into the middle but Jasper can’t quite reach it.
Mere break down the right, in on goal, shoot and score. GOAL
2 – 1

Malmesbury attack and Ryan takes a long range shot but wide. Mere break out and are in on goal but Harry saves again! Malmesbury continue to press for an equalising goal but with the best chance falling to Pete who cracks a long range shots which is heading in to the top corner but the keeper saves. Oh close.
Kyle takes a knock to the face and is withdrawn and George is back on.
Mere respond and attack again but Malmesbury defence hold strong. In the dying moments of the game Malmesbury win a corner, everyone up for the corner including Harry but Malmesbury can’t get the equalising goal.
The referee blows his whistle to bring the game to a close.


Commiserations to Malmesbury having battled hard but losing narrowly.
On to the next league game Trowbridge v Malmesbury South at 2pm on 19th April 2015 at John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge. – COY Reds