This is the third league game of the season against Mere who have suffered two defeats in the league to date. The starting line-up for Malmesbury is as follows:

GK – Pete
Defence –Jo, Angus, Max, Samuel
Midfield – Jack, Ryan, Sam (W), Ben
Attack – Jasper, George
Subs – Josh
Linesman – Andy Booth
Coaches: Jay Martin & Andy Waller
Catering: by Julie Cain ably assisted by Alison Marsh.
Dan still unavailable due to injury, but in attendance to see his team.

First Half
The game starts with a period of ebb and flow in midfield.
Mere go on the attack, ball isn’t cleared out of defence and Mere score. GOAL
0 -1

MS go on the attack a great ball by Ryan to Jasper, one on one with keeper shots but wide –ooh so close.
After an attack by MS breaks down Mere break out quickly but Angus intercepts and kills off the attack. Mere attack again but this time Pete in goal heads away to stop the danger.
MS makes a quick break with a ball through the middle sets up a footrace between the Mere keeper and George/Ben, but the keeper just makes it. Attack turns into defence as Mere go on the attack leading to a strong shot and a great diving save to the right by Pete. The resultant corner is ushered out to safety by MS defence for another corner. From the corner, Mere shoot but over the bar.
MS return to attack a great ball from Sam sets up a footrace between George and the defender, the defender just gets there. The game swings again Mere on the attack strong defending by Jo ushers the ball out for a Mere corner, which results in shot – just past the post!! Another Mere attack but this time Max sees the danger and intercepts.
MS attack and Mere concede a free quick, Jasper steps and hits a lofted ball goal wards over the keeper’s head – GOAL
1 – 1

MS keep up the attack this time down the right wing, Jack and Ryan do good work which leads to a cross into the box, but Ben can’t quite reach it. Another promising attack by MS but caught offside.
Numerous attacks by Mere but these are stopped by strong resolute defending by the MS defence. A prolonged period attack leads to Mere being one on with Peter but attacker shoots over the bar, followed by another Mere shooting chance but just wide. MS are riding their luck!!
Another promising attack is pushed wide by fine defensive work by Tyler and Max.
MS go on attack via Jack down the left wing, but the resultant corner is collected by the Mere keeper.
The final MS attack of the half leads to a shot by Ben, but wide.
HALF TIME – Score 1 -1

The coach makes a change Tyler off and Josh on.
Second Half
The second half starts with both sides in an attacking mood. An early attack by Mere is stopped in its track by Angus. Further attacks by Mere and MS follow finally another attack by Mere leave two on one with the keeper and they score. GOAL
1 -2

MS get straight back on the attack, the ball comes back to Ryan, shoots but wide.
Mere return to the attack but it is shepherded into touch by Jo. Mere cross into the middle and isn’t dealt with and Mere score. GOAL
1 – 3

MS come straight back to the attack, Ryan shoots but saved by keeper.
Strong attack MS, out for a corner, Ben rises for the corner but Mere defence deal with the attack. Several concerted attacks by Mere follow which lead to a cross into the box and Mere score. GOAL
1 – 4

MS are up against now – but they go into to attack mode, great pass by Jasper to George but keeper intercepts. Mere attack and are one on one with Pete, attacker shoots and hits the post and Pete quickly collects the ball.
MS attack again with neat passing between George and Jasper on to Ryan who shoots but wide. Another MS attack this time down the right with Ben, keeper parries a shot and Jasper scores on the rebound. GOAL
2 – 4

Mere respond by going on the attack but this time Angus like an arrow intercepts. MS return to attack George in a foot race with Mere defence, but Mere get there first. Mere break away but Jo tracks back and Mere shoot wide. Another Mere attack but Pete’s out quickly to smother the ball.
Mere are relentless and break out, shoot and score. GOAL
2 – 5

Is there a way back for MS, it’s looking tough now?
MS attack Jasper runs through and ball rebounds to George who nutmegs the keeper to score. GOAL
3 – 5

There may be hope!!
MS raise their game, MS attack leads to a free kick with ball rebounding to Josh who shoots but wide!! MS break quickly again, George passes to Jasper who chips, is it in, no just wide!!
The game swings again as Mere return to the attack, several Mere attacks are repelled by good MS defending. MS are not finished yet as they go on the attack a great move leads to a strong shot by Ben which hits the post and rebounds to safety – so unlucky!!!
Mere return to the attack, one on one with keeper but attacker shoots high. A period were the game ebbs and flows, but is brought to an end with a blast of the referees whistle.
Final Score 3 – 5
Hard luck boys!!

Next fixture Devizes V Malmesbury South 19th October 2014 – COY REDS

Match Report by: Chris Cain